The Artist formerly know as Sarah Hemp hails from the icy cold heart of Canada… Ottawa. She has little to no idea what she is doing with her life, where she wants to be in 5 years or whether or not she adores skinny jeans or hates them passionately. She spends her afternoons researching the Salem Witch Trials  whilst enjoying her many delicious budz. She is committed to growing her girl gang and dreams of one day being not jealous enough to be in a polyamorous relationship.


A west coast girl, with the heart of a hippie that beats to the fiery tempo of east coast urban survival. If asked, she knows exactly what she’s doing with her life and is happy to report she's right on track, successfully meeting her five-year-plan-goal at the start of this fiscal quarter. She loves skinny jeans but only wears bootcut because she has “athletic calves”. She spends her afternoons anticipating what she has planned for dinner, especially if it’s a cheat day. Dedicated to her gal pals, if she were to get a tramp stamp it would be "chicks over dicks". She still longs for the camaraderie and tribalism of the bstayabysitters club amongst her most intimate relationships and lives in search of a kind and considerate person to grow old with. Nama-fucking-stay.

H O M E ✌︎